Cursed Murphy Versus the Resistance

Wexford, County Wexford

Cursed Murphy Versus the Resistance: not your average mutant ninja spoken word rock ‘n’ roll band. Formed in 2018, the six-piece ensemble specialises in a mash-up of punk poetry, cinematic guitar soundscapes and big beats.
The personnel: Cursed Murphy, aka writer and performer Peter Murphy (who's published two novels John the Revelator, Shall We Gather at the River, and previously released two albums with the Revelator Orchestra), guitarist Dan Comerford, and a four-piece drum squad made up of the Gangnus sisters Rebecca, Tamara and Jasmin, and Kevin Dillon. This is a full on experience, combining song-like spoken word, punk rock attack, theatrical psychodrama and warlike rhythms.
The first Cursed Murphy single ‘Foxhole Prayer’, released last September, was chosen as Hot Press magazine’s track of the day and received radio airplay at home and on the BBC. The Roberto Forte-directed video for the follow up, ‘The Bells of Hell’, racked up thousands of views in its first 24 hours online. Hot Press scribe Edwin McFee described the track as “a bloodthirsty two minutes that taps into an Iggy Pop vibe, while also calling to mind latter day Murder City Devils and the bug-eyed magnetic might of Alloy Mental. Informed by Blake and Behan, fans of books, hooks, beats and screaming into the abyss should feel duty bound to check this out.”
‘This Cursed Earth’, their third single, showcases their moodier, subtler side, drawing on everything from spacey post-rock omnichord to 70s soul grooves.
The ensemble, who have earned a serious reputation as a live act over the past year, will release their first album Cursed Murphy Versus the Resistance in May.

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