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Cosmic // Bren

Indie // St. Margarets, Dublin // Bren

As a music producer Cosmic has worked with Irish and International acts including The Rubberbandits initial singles (Horse Outside, Fight Your Father), Russell, CLU, Kodaline (Live), Jodie Abacus (UK), and also creates music and content for Video Games, YouTubers and Influencers including Moo Snuckle and The Gaming Terroriser (Shave my Balls - Over 3 Million Streams)

Cosmic has also programmed and released a series of virtual instruments under "Cosmic Boy" (Icecream VST, Little Phatty Controller) and was co-founder of Nightmaker Studios in 2010 which has since evolved into games design studio - LoPoly Games

In 2019 while continuing his day job in games development, he began self publishing solo music under "Cosmic" (formally Cosmic Boy) Everything from the initial concept to the final master is written, performed and produced solo. Genres of music range from Electronic, Funk, Hip-Hop, EDM, Pop, Disco and everything between, but all of a similar unique and familiar nostalgic infused style.

Cosmic is looking to work with and collaborate with established and up and coming artists on the Irish music scene in a quest for new sounds outside of the boundaries of what is seen as possible.

"Alot of inspiration and drive for me as of late has come from the Irish music scene, The Academic, Kojaque, Carrie Baxtor, Gemma Dunleavy, Kean Kavanagh & Nealo for me are all super important in shaping what will be looked back on as "real Irish music" I'm a genuinely a fan of them. Irish music shouldn't have to have a fiddle in it to be considered Irish, there's also the flip side you shouldn't have to be dumped in with Irish Hip-Hop for rapping in your own accent - it should be called Hip-Hop, remove that fucking stigma and let's move forward"
Twitter / Instagram : @thecosmicbren