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Cork Street Posse

Hip Hop // Dublin , Dublin

Cork Street Posse are an alternative rap group from Dublin, fronted by their lyricist Niall "Smiley" Jackson and Vocalist/Producer Leigh O' Reilly.

Originally coming from a punk and metal background, this band was formed in a Cork Street apartment over the space of 2 years. Accompanying Smiley's vocal poetry with Leigh's ever growing creativity for genre bending music, they soon formed a sound of their own, over-scored by hard hitting, poignant thoroughbred Irish charm, arriving at a delicate balance of nostalgic feel-good epics to provocative heavy bangers.

They are now touring and headlining shows with their first EP and a full live band. This group will have you listening and looking on with complete shock and an uncontrollable urge to nod along with them to their explosive live show. One thing is for sure.

They. Will. Entertain.

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