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Electronica // Dublin

Conan Wynne and Anna Doran are Contour, an electronic duo from Dublin. The band have been making passionate, twisted, robotic soul music since 2013. Contour refuse to be defined by genre, instead focussing on creating a playfully aggressive sound-track to compliment every oscillation of your beautifully chaotic life.
Their 4 track EP "Chaos Theories" was inspired by the chaotic nature of life and also reflects the natural geometry that defines us physically, so it is organic but organised, like a Contour map. It has been made with the juxtaposition of the use of hardware analogue machines like old synthesizers and tape, alongside modern digital production and editing processes which give the tracks their edge.

“I ended up on the Soundcloud page of ‘Change Your Ways’ and was a bit blown away by the song’s lush vocalised electronica.” Nialler9.

"I really don’t want to describe their music to you, it is something you have to experience for yourself. Every time I did try to sculpt a phrase to express my impression of their music it always started with 'They are like a better version of…' "Ondaflor.

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