Collective Whisper

Madrid, County Galway

Collective whisper is here!If you like to listen to music that contains good melodies,great lyrics and catchy hooks you will enjoy Collective whisper.
The songs are based on life and all its detail,people,sadness,happiness and the day to day struggle we go through.All songs aremeaningful and real.
The style of music is rock/pop,laced with folk and whatever works to make the song.Every idea is embraced and nurtured.
Simon K is the core of Collective whisper.he writes the songs,produces and plays most of the instruments on the tracks and has very good experience as a musician and singer.The band was formed in late 2008/early 2009.Now Simon feels the band is coming to fruition and is pushing the songs to the mainstream.He has a very good group of musicians who work with him when he plays live,and they produce electrifying music together.
They will grab you and bring you along for the ride and like a good rollercoaster you will want to go again for the sheer fun.
Fame games music on the internet put their song hologram in the top finalists in six categories,including best overall artist,best artist in style-light rock,most popular artist.most popular solo,best fame games profile.

This is a band to look out for in 2015.The Collective Whisper star is rising and will light up music in many ways!

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