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Pop // Waterford City, Waterford

CODYY is an Irish singer songwriter whose melodic sound embodies a fusion of organic instrumentation with electronic undertones, to create a synthesised blend that has the ability to get stadiums hopping.
The solo artist originally from Waterford City, Ireland has spent most of his life perfecting his craft of writing, recording, and performing music. From a young age, CODYY formed a natural passion for music, a journey that began with piano and led to guitar, bass and vocals. He has the ability to write, record, produce and perform his music to the highest level.

CODYY has worked with world class producers such as Phil Magee (The Script, Kodaline, The Academic) and Eliot James (Two Door, Bloc Party, The Coronas). Utilising these experiences along with his musical journey so far has resulted in him enhancing his writing and production skills.

Since his debut single 'Time 2 Be' dropped in August, CODYY has been on a remarkable journey, amassing an impressive organic following. With 2 million radio impressions across Irish airwaves and the exceptional feat of selling out his first Dublin headline show at The Crowbar Terrace, Button Factory on November 10th, CODYY's star is undoubtedly on the rise.

Over the past three years, CODYY has shared stages with acclaimed artists like Gavin James, Aslan, The Blizzards, The Academic, and Hudson Taylor, both as a solo performer and with a full band.

Currently working with producer Tom Leach in London, the focus is now on bringing CODYY’s debut album to life. An album for the times, intelligently crafted with songs of substance and the potential to become a record that is celebrated for years to come. His ambition is to become an artist recognised on a global scale, touring and performing to sold out audiences worldwide.