Dublin / London, County Dublin

Codes are a London-based Alternative / Electronic quartet- A calculated cryptography of triumphant melodic soundscapes, with plenty of noise and invention for good measure.

Originally hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Codes released their debut record 'TreesDreamInAlgebra' - Produced by Greg Haver (Manics, SFA) Mastered by Greg Calbi (Sigur Ros, Mogwai) on EMI Ireland to universal critical acclaim - winning Phantom FM's best album, Entertainment Ireland's best band, and a prestigious nod for (Irelands Mercury Prize equivalent) the Choice Music Prize in 2010, as well as being tipped as one of Hotpress magazine's best Irish albums of all time.

After touring with the likes of Airborne Toxic Event, Keane and Delays and playing every major Irish music festival, Codes relocated to London to work on their domestically anticipated sophomore effort.

An adventure in capturing the visceral live energy of the band, the new record is a steady progression from their debut - to a more complex and intricate work that still retains all the punch of the band's well honed live show - unafraid of challenging convention, while still retaining their natural ear for a good melody and a cryptic subtext that demands repeat plays.


Some press snippets for "Trees Dream In Algebra"

"A benchmark for Irish rock"
8/10 - The Daily Star

"If you only buy one epic alt/rock record this year - make it this one."
4/5 - The Irish Times

"Startling, fantastic songs full of force, earnestness, melody and precision - Codes have everything."
4/5 - The Tribune

"A 13 track collection that straddles the art and commercial divide in a way that even the most battle hardened of bands would fail to do. Epic. "
4/5 - The Irish Independent

"A beautifully subtle yet powerful album that envelops the listener from beginning to end - truly stunning."
4/5 - Connected Magazine

"A flawless debut - Trees Dream In Algebra is simply breathtaking."
9.5/10 -

"A resounding victory for originality, control, intelligent songwriting and Irish music."
8/10 -

"One of the most accomplished debut record from an Irish band in recent times - big things lie ahead."
8.5/10 -

"Ireland has needed an album like this for so long, simply put, Trees Dream In Algebra is a masterpiece."
10/10 -

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Codes - Album II Preview.