Cork, County Cork

Welcome to the world of Co2!

Vox & Guitar: Noelle Barry
Lead Guitar: Jennifer Bowler
Bass: Col Keane
Drums/Percussion: Colin O Brien

Co2 are a four piece band based in Cork/Kerry and was formed in January 2009.
The band is the result of a shared love of music ’
All members have being preforming and writing for years with diferent groups&projects.
Emerging from the basements of Cork&Kerry , CO2 are about to climb to the top of the pop scene in 2009 with their debut album, All or Nothing.
The band's latest album melds Noelle Barry's bouncy compositions with clean singalongs to produce a record brimming with teenage anthems. With standout tracks like "Revenge," look for CO2 to be a major part in the pop landscape for years to come.
Within minutes of hooking up, it was obvious that the newly joined forces were destined to be together.
Within a week Co2 had written some amazing originals, played their first gig, and booked studio time. Check out the songs&video below;)

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