Classic Yellow

Dublin, County Dublin

Classic Yellow are an alternative/ psychedelic quartet based in Dublin, Ireland. While maintaining a cohesive and recognisable sound, Classic Yellow venture through a number of styles, alternating between fuzzy rock and roll, spaced out psychedelia and the cheesiest ballads in town.
All recording, mixing and artwork design is done by the band. As a result Classic Yellow have created a unique sonic and visual aesthetic.

Classic Yellow released their debut single in February 2018, and have since released their debut EP, "Ophelia", in May 2018. The EP showcases the band's desire to experiment and hone their songwriting and production skills.

"What's evident across the entirety of the EP is that the band don't do formulaic, they don't stick to convention and follow the verse-chorus-verse, 'it should sound like this here' rules, they let it ride, and it sounds just wonderful. I hate being parochial, but I'm a little bit proud these guys are from Dublin." - Remy C

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