City Victim

Galway, County Galway

City victim are the sounding board of a middle generation who don't quite know where they belong

Stuck between the want to move forward but the need to remain, City Victim's music unveils feelings of escapism, nostalgia, and anxiety, with a sound that echoes other artists such as Interpol, The Cure, and Beach Fossils.

The band is the result of a long term collaboration between Adam Sheeran (The Followers of Otis/Eoin Dolan Band) and Kieran O'Brien (Solo Artist, member of Citog Records), two life long friends who grew up playing music together. Joining forces with Ciaran O Maolain on drums (Half Forward Line), and Wayne Foy on guitar (Field Trip) they have a full album recorded which they aim to steadily promote and release over the course of 2019,

Currently residing in Galway, the band has to date released 3 singles and a music video. Upon release they were greeted with very favourable reviews while also getting radio play on shows such John Barker's 98FM and the Irish Jam.

The band has worked with top names such as Fergal Davis, well renowned for producing albums for Muse, Republic of Loose, and O Emperor, as well as Geoff French, also a producer and drummer with bands incuding The Brilliant Things, Preachers Son, and The Follower of Otis.

"The band are on a fast track to being a name to watch for next year, now they release the third single in what promises to be an extensive and intriguing catalogue."
(Yack Magazine)

"Their latest offering Out Of Sight is a lush bass heavy indie rocker with a dreamy aesthetic" - Robb Donker
(American Pancake)

"The tight production, refined musicianship, laid back fluidity and dazzling charm of ‘Out of Sight’ makes City Victim a band to keep an eye on." - Indie Buddy

"Very catchy, very fresh" - Auch Schön (We Love That)

"‘Out of Sight’ is a finely cultured number that drifts and glides along a dreamy mellowed indie rock backdrop. The sweet nostalgic melody floats gracefully upon a driving bass line and twinkling guitar feature while swirling soundscapes soothe and cool the tone creating an ethereal freeing atmosphere." - Indie Buddie


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