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Cillian Fynch

Folk // Ballyfermot, Dublin

My name is Cillian Séan Doyle O'Fearghail. I am from Dublin, Ireland. I was born on the 21st of March in the year 2000.
I record and produce all my Music by myself at home in my Bedroom/Studio. I also write my songs by myself, but if I have help on a song I always make it known. I would describe my Music as Indie-Folk / Pop Music; at least as of right now in my life.
I started playing and writing music at the age of 14 when I learned to play the Ukulele and the Guitar. But let's go back to when I was 3 Years Old. For the first 3 years of my life, I did not have a Father. But just after I had turned 3, my mother started dating a man, and after a little while of dating he came to my house, not to meet me, but because my mother had forgotten something and they were going out on a date. However when they came in, I met the man who would become my Father, and this is how it happened. He came in, I saw him, he saw me, and I asked one simple question... "Are you my dad". And he, without a beat replied, "Yes I am, sorry I've not been here", although he had never met me, he knew he wanted to be my father. The reason I tell you this is because without him I would not be a Musician. The reason is that I lived with my Mother & my Grandparents, and my Grandfather only listened to Irish ballads, which I never had a lot of interest in. But my Dad had a huge amount of Music he listened to, from The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Don McLean & many more. My interest in Music comes directly from him, and he always wanted me to learn an Instrument (Only if I wanted to) and bought me my first Guitar when I was about 5 or 6, but I found it too hard, of course, picked it back up when I was 14, and that leads us to today. I am Cillian Fynch, and welcome to my website!!

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