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Chris Ledwidge

Experimental // Limerick, Limerick // He / Him

Chris Ledwidge is an Irish composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist blending elements of minimalist, neo-classical, post-rock, electronic and ambient music.

The third EP of this year explores Chris' electronic music work will be released on 6th August 2021.

His first solo EP Winter | Piano and strings saw features on national radio RTÉ Lyric FM in Ireland amongst others.

The second EP, Spring | Drones, Loops and Noise covered the experimental nature of his composition work.

After relocating across the country in August 2020 he deleted all previous compositions and songs apart from 4 pieces. This fresh break from old writing allowed him to break habits and gave a freedom to focus on projects in a new way.

“I had previously focused on writing for the alternative / indie band project, Athens but this recent change had given me the drive to complete work on my own, producing and performing all of the material. I think this will help as well when I return to the band project.”

Chris is currently working through a 4 EP project with a seasonal theme which will cover all of the different textures he is currently writing in. Classical in Winter, Ambient in Spring, Electronic in Summer and a combination with an Ensemble title for Autumn.

Each sound has it’s own EP release but they will all exist within the same compositional world with threads connecting each release through the year. As with lots music that will be released this year, the material has moods of pause, introspection, anger, loss, longing and hope.