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Chris Anich

Electronica // Dublin, Dublin // He

Who is he?
Chris Anich is a Chilean electronic music producer and medical doctor by profession. In 2016 he founded the independent record label "Rêve Discos", with which he has managed international activities for Chilean and Mexican bands. He has used his music and artistic work to support other artists, highlighting 3 tours and trade missions to Mexico, the last one in 2019, in which he also attended as a delegate of the international music commission of the Government of Chile during the industry meeting FIMPRO of Guadalajara.

What about his music?
His music could be defined as a synth pop with hints of alternative rock, whose sounds are individually modelled in an analog way in synthesizers and rhythm boxes, also adding rock instruments.
He has an EP called “Tomar el control” published in 2018. The 5th of June 2020, World Environment Day, he publishes the instrumental song “Bienvenidos a la Tierra”, which reflects through the sounds, the intervention of humanity on the environment and begins with it a series of live shows filmed in studio in order to promote his work during the pandemic.
He is currently promoting his song “Dime si no”, which he has presented in various Chilean stages and with which he has just published his first video game for Google Play “Clay Balls”. In addition, he is preparing the release of his new single “Eso que ves” during the first weeks of 2022.
In this opportunity, Anich performs on stage in a duo format with his drummer Galo Hurtado, while singing and adding sounds colours with his synthesizer and vocal effects to the electronic sequences developed in his studio.