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Chew The Scenery

Rock // Waterford, Waterford

Chew The Scenery: A "Theatrical Rock Opera" dedicated to making meals for the mind and feels for the time with a lawless and honest style that comes straight from our collective soul. Through a combination of Audio, Visuals, Dance and Theatre, we will bring you through an odyssey of unguarded emotions that flourish in the realm of stigma and taboo. But instead of dwelling in this darkness, we aim to soothe the mind, to bring it to the light of the surface and to return it to the realm of normality. There is a vast amount of unique and authentic material to come from us over the next few months as well as a number of theatrical shows (to be announced). So stay alert and always be ready, we don't do 'easy' and we don't go steady. Ladies and gentlemen, we are Chew The Scenery.