Chew The Scenery

Waterford, County Waterford

Chew The Scenery are a theatrical fusion rock band dedicated to making meals for the mind and feels for the time with a lawless and honest style that comes straight from their collective soul.

These guys were all complete strangers 3 years ago,until their passion for writing and performing brought them together to an old abandoned warehouse on the edge of Waterford city; a place where rats wouldn't make a home, let alone a place where human beings would make music. But these guys could not think of a more fitting surrounding to strike their first chord as friends and as a naturally occurring, pop fighting organism.

They have still achieved massive success in their own minds, without stirring outside the graffiti-covered warehouse walls, but as time passes by, they evolve as people and transcend beyond the walls of abandonment in search of tangible success.

There is a vast amount of unique and authentic material to come from them over the next few months
as well as a number of theatrical shows (to be announced). So stay alert and always be ready, they don't do 'easy' and they don't go steady.
Ladies and gentlemen , Chew The Scenery.

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