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Chevy the Goodfella

Hip Hop // Waterford, Waterford // Lyricist, Rapper, Poet

Chevy the Goodfella
An upcoming artist to the Rap scene. Born in London, England and Raised in Waterford, Ireland. He began mastering his craft from a young age, researching different forms of lyricism, poetry, and music. As the years progressed "Goodfella" saw that there was something very wrong with this society/reality we live in, and if he chose to continue down this rabbit hole, he deemed it his mission to amplify the global consciousness of the human population by portraying deep, meaningful and possibly subliminal messages through his words and music.
With a Unique style, and psychedelic personality he truly seeks to make a difference in this world all he believes it takes is a "change of perspective".
so if you haven't heard of Sinister Valley's member "Chevy the Goodfella" , you have now, a small glimpse of what's to come. keep your eyes peeled, ears focused and third eye open.


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