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Alternative // Kilkenny & Munich, Kilkenny

‘He had the funniest notion’: well, we all do sometimes including Ollie Purcell, who arrived on a plane from Dublin to Munich back in September 2003 hoping to continue working on his music aspirations. Within a month the band CELEST had been formed and over the next few years their old white mercedes tour bus bore the marks of a hard working class indie band. White Trash in Berlin, Atomic Café in Munich, Shelter Club in Vienna, Grüne Jäger in Hamburg, HWCH05 at the Hub in Dublin to name but a few of the venues CELEST have played. Equipment-sharing amongst bands Bromheads Jacket, The Undertones, Chapman Family, Cinerama, The Thermals, Sons and daughters, while the music press regard CELEST as '.. one of the best local live bands Munich has seen for many years...' (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Dirk Wagner), '... immigration is good for Germany. This is proven by the music of the indie guitar band celest,fronted by irish immigrant Ollie Purcell' (Selfish, Online Music Mag).

With sounds hailing from guitar rifts rock solid percussions and catchy persistent songs, singing lyrics of joy and hate, CELEST have 2 albums to date:
‘Take it in your stride’ (Little Teddy 2005), the title of their debut album, went platinum in the hearts of both local and national press; their second album released the end of 2009 titled ‘Eyes to the floor, near to door’, accompanied a tour of Germany.

Funny notions? Hell yeah…these kind we love.

Check out 'Stay(if you want to)' - latest music video release: