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Pop // Newry, Down

I’m writing lyrics for the people that can’t express their feelings.

I've always dreamed of performing. My family have been one of my greatest influences and encouraged me to pick up the guitar and start writing. I quickly caught the bug for creating music and wanted to learn more. Though my mother caught on to this and proceeded to buy an instrument every Christmas after. Especially since the local music shop closed down, you can now find its entire selection in my bedroom...

In school, I could never figure out my career path, my future always had music in it. Career fairs were always a bore, until I found BIMM (British Institute of Modern Music). I then moved to Manchester and gained a degree in Music and Songwriting. Meanwhile, I played for different bands whilst hiding my own work in the background. I found it intimidating to be at the front of it all, but being involved with other musicians and playing venues like Gorilla, Manchester really gave me the confidence to pursue my own music. So eventually, I actually shared my work with real live people on Soundcloud and reached over 30,000 listens. This inspired me to do so much more, so I started gigging. I began in Northern Ireland and soon went to Canada and played throughout café’s, restaurants and bars performing my own music. And thats when CeeV came to life.