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Casual Riots

Indie // Belfast, Antrim

Casual Riots are a 5-piece Indie rock band from Belfast , Northern Ireland. The band formed in 2019 from a collection of cool hard working guys who met at school and they all just couldn't get enough of the Artic Monkeys, The Jam and the Strokes. Their unique brand of entertainment fuses melodic rhythms with 3 piece harmonies with an energetic front man and witty stage banter that will make you want to dance all night and sing the bands great tunes.
Now hailed as one of the best bands in Northern Ireland Northern Ireland by press and their adoring fans they have a great online presence recording their track at Start together studios with Rocky O’Reilly and Alastair McMillan U2 engineer and four time Emmy winner, Casual Riots will be releasing a new limited 7”single called Honey in early 2024.