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Country // Howth, Dublin // She/Her

Bred in Cowboy Country, Utah, singer-songwriter Carlsbad has found a haven for her musical ambitions in Dublin, where the artist has earned a well-deserved audience. With her new single ‘Parliament,’ released today, Carlsbad continues to re-shape her sound, refusing to submit to labels of any kind.

‘Parliament’ opens with finger-picked, steady guitar instrumentals, before Carlsbad’s sweet vocals come into play. An eerie, spine-tingling mood echoes around the song as it picks up in tempo, and the vocals are sucked along with the wave of dark, reverb-tinged sonics. With lyricism full of poetics and sentiment, Carlsbad’s vocals are layered, while the track’s darkness establishes a moody, tempting atmosphere the listener cannot help but be lured into.

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