Callum Orr

County Dublin

Hello! I'm an Irish singer-songwriter. One of my biggest influences - James Mercer from The Shins - sang that "every single story is a story about love". This resonated hugely with me because it verbalises my entire drive and approach towards songwriting. I'm obsessed with the concept of love and I seek it out. I'm driven to write songs almost exclusively when in the throes of love or its disintegration.

I started off playing drums as a teenager. I spent a lot of time playing in the rhythm section of other peoples' bands, like Ailbhe Reddy & Gary O'Neill, but was always iterating on becoming a songwriter as I did so.

I performed, produced and released my first EP "Patchworks & Learning" in a living room in Finglas, Dublin to learn how songs are crafted and arranged, and how sound is engineered. For my second release "Dawning Throes", I retreated to the great and inspiring calm of Asta Kalapa studios in Gorey, Wexford with my friend Darragh Nolan and tried to apply what I'd learned, but this time letting my ideas bounce off a more experienced mind. This led to a set at HWCH and Vantasival which was my first foray into the festival circuit.

Then I ran away to Vancouver for two years for an adventure.

I am releasing a single called "Wedding Song", written as a wedding gift for my sister and her husband, in April of this year. I have lots of songs in my pocket as I plan a busy rest of the year, both in the studio and playing shows.

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