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Buka Gannon

Acoustic // Moate, Ireland, Westmeath

Buka Gannon (Shane Gannon) was born in the 20th century and will die in the 21th. So far, during the course of his life he has worn out over 50 pairs of shoes, traveled to 25 countries and though he is not an alcoholic, he has drunk over 1450 pints. He has had overwhelming moments of sorrow and outstanding moments of joy. After traveling at the age of 25, he decided he’s going to paint interesting paintings and write and sing meaningful songs for the rest of his life. Shane also plays music in Mayo General Hospital 3 gigs a week while working with Mayo Art Squad (a community based collective of artists and musicians). He also teaches ukulele to school children in Westport Co. Mayo. He is currently doing all this in Co. Mayo/Galway on the west coast of Ireland. For more see link