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Garage // Dublin, Dublin

Formed in late 2021, Bucket is a three piece garage/noise rock band consisting of drummer Josh Dorrell, bassist Emmet McNamee and frontman/guitarist Cian Dahdouh.

Following the release of their self recorded short album "The Big Sin", Bucket have kept busy throughout 2022 playing gigs across the Irish circuit, developing and improving their live sound in the process, earning a slot on Whelan's "Ones to Watch" 2023 lineup. Other notable gigs include an MCD slot supporting Australian punks Press Club on their European tour, two Dublin headline shows in The Workman's Club and The Grand Social, a headliner in Galway's Aras na Gael and a support slot in Cork's Fred Zeppelins, both of which sold out. Finally, Bucket presented their unique wall of noise to their largest crowd to date during a showcase gig in The Button Factory.

Once referred to as "the loudest band in Dublin", Bucket pulls elements from garage and noise rock, combining them to create a unique and shockingly abrasive sound. Dorrell and Mcnamee, work together to forge a tight and powerful rhythm section, utilising hard hitting drums and huge distorted basslines; on top of this, Dahdouh walks the line between quirky yet catchy melodies and screeching passages of deafening guitar sounds with the vocal performances to match.

Recently signing to independent Irish label, Egg Twelve Records, Bucket will be releasing two new singles ahead of a debut EP this year. One of the most energetic and entertaining live acts Ireland has to offer, Bucket aims to bring their music to a larger audience in 2023 and cement themselves as a promising Irish export.

"Confident, assured, charismatic and hard working, Bucket have the chops to go all the way" - Garry Baylon, The Goo

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