Cork City, County Cork

BRIARS are a brand new Irish alternative folk act that sound like nobody else in the Irish scene. Their sound ranges from fragile subtlety, to raucous energy, visiting every stop along the way, always underlined with a signature twist that shows the real personality of the group.

At their core, BRIARS consists of two main writers, (Michael Grace & Paul O’Shea), but are joined in studio (as well as in a live setting) by some of Ireland’s finest musicians, often from contrasting backgrounds and styles. Drums, bass and keys/organ lay the foundation of the sound, sitting underneath an acoustic guitar, which is sometimes switched out for bouzouki or mandolin, taking a step in the direction of the accompanying melody instruments, such as fiddle, flute and whistle. All of this sits closely beneath up to three part vocal harmony, resulting in a refreshing contemporary sound, intertwined with traditional elements.

BRIARS’ first single, ‘There There’, (released on April 22nd, 2020) was recorded in Monique Studios, Cork, IE. The energetic debut is the sound of a truly original band introducing themselves emphatically.

’There There’ is out now on Unemployable Records -

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