Brian Lalor

County Cork

EP ‘Hand Full of Seeds’ is now available to download from iTunes & Bandcamp

“Brian sings in an amazing lightly spoken tone, evoking an ability to tell his stories through song in true folk style”.
Joe Salmon - FranksShedTV

"'See What You Can Find' has radio hit written all over it. Bursting with catchy hooks and Brian's distinctive vocal style it's sure to be a winner".
Luan Parle - Meteor Award Best Irish Female

"Throughout, the playing is competent and sympathetic, and the songwriting direct and heartfelt.
Hotel Amnesia - Neill Dougan

"Lalor is in possession of a uniquely accented singing voice.
Each song is an exercise in minimal, well-crafted acoustic folk."
Golden Plec – Martin O’ Regan

"The best quality of the entire EP are the consistently stellar instrumentation and arrangements which successfully create atmospheres – moody or relaxed, wistful or outraged – to suit each song."
Mellow Projects - Molly Forsythe

"Hand Full of Seeds is the new E.P. from Cork based singer-songwriter Brian Lalor. It is a pleasant collection of five pleasant folk ballads. Nice simple, honest songwriting."
2uibestow – Bobby Noonan

"This man can write a song - no doubt. More please."
Folk Words – Tim Carroll


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