Brian Dolly

Galway, County Galway

My name is Brian Dolly. I am 26. Born in Los Angeles (by chance) but Irish in every sense. My parents are from Co. Galway and I Lived in Roscommon for first 10 years of life then moved to Galway city here since.

Songs documented trials and tribulations of teen years thru to college on to disbelief at the scary world that lay in front of me after college. Wrote a lot of songs when I lived in Los Angeles for 6 months and reached a transition in Life.
‘Transitions and moments of realisation are what inspire me but are always there if you take the time to stop and think!’
When I returned home I done a sound engineering course and it was this and encouragement from a friend that inspired me to make this album. 3years on and its finally done. Songs I had then developed a lot since and more were written at this time. Songs on the album span 11years from first incarnation. The album is a big collaboration of musicians from Galway and took a lot of organising. Expect to hear: Gtrs. Drums, Keyboard, Harmonica, Trumpet, Sax, Violin, Flute and more. Hired an artist to do a painting, based on the title track, for the Cover and he also designed the whole package. It’s a fold out cardboard design. Looks beautiful.
It was a costly but amazing experience and all I can hope for is to have as many people hear it as possible.
Been gigging around Galway and Clare. played roisin dubh twice in Galway. Played many open mics in Galway dublin, london and new york.

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