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Brian Cullen's Love Bullets

Indie // Dublin, Dublin

Formed in 2005, Brian Cullen's Love Bullets have faced trial and tribulations like no other, injuries which prevented playing for 9 months, 4 band members leaving to join the circus and practically bankrupting themselves on innumerable occassions for expensive releases.

But Stephen Cadwell(bass/vocals/keyboards), Paul Pentony( drums/keyboards) and Rachel Dowling (guitars/keyboards/vocals) have remained resilient, a force to be reckoned with and not the kind of kids you mess with.The band also formed their own independent Irish D.I.Y label called CPR in 2007.

CPR 001-Ask For Directions was released in August 2007 on 10 inch vinyl which included the Official Brian Cullen's Love Bullets board game, an A3 poster and a CD of the release.

CPR 002- Bring Out Your Dead was released in November 2008 in a 200 page full size book written by the band themselves and David Donohoe.

This leads us on to Brian Cullen's Love Bullets much anticipated 3rd EP entitled "Otherwise It Will Be This Way Forever"(CPR003) on July 17th 2009 in The Lower Deck, 1 Portobello Harbour, Dublin 2.
The EP,released on Dublin Independent Label CPR, marks a definite change in direction for the band. Gone are the bright,cheerful, ear-splitting indie pop songs, replaced instead by a more reflective, heartfelt sounding band. Each song reflects the bands experience of the recession, unemployment, death and the sense of hopelessness prevalent in the Ireland of today.

This EP was recorded, produced and mastered in the early months of 2009 by Shane Cullen( ex Blew) in K9 Studios, Deansgrange, Dublin.The art direction and graphic design was provided by the band's art director David Donohoe(Studiomime/D1 records).

Reviews for Otherwise It Will Be This Way Forever:
the third ep from a band fast becomming one of our favourites on the local scene at the moment. as ever the ep is superbly packaged, these guys always put such love and effort into their releases. the ep comes in a lovely card sleeve with a foldout poster inner sleeve. along with the title track the ep also features six fifteen one eight oh eight, killing for company and its pretty much over already which also appeared on our road records sampler cd for record store day. this dublin based three piece have an overall sound with really reminds us of some of those classic early factory records with a production quality that a certain mr martin hannett would be proud to call his own. there is a certain new wave feel about it with moments harking back to both joy division and very early new order. dark hearted indie rock at its very very finest. july 2009

The band were profiled this week on Phantom Fm's I-CON show as a tip for the top:
Brian Cullen's Love Bullets also recorded a session with 2fm's Dan Hegarty broadcast on Tuesday August 4th 2009.

Brian Cullen's Love Bullets officially came to an end in November 2009. We are no more.

 For further information,there is no one to contact.