Brake Loose

Dublin, County Dublin

Brake Loose, a Dublin-based heavy rock band formed in late 2018 have been courting attention due to their catchy and badass heavy rock riffs, electrifying hard rock guitar solos and mostly due to their frontman's spoken word performances, lyrics and charismatic but unpredictable stage persona.

Led by frontman Alejandro Murillo, lead guitarist Rob Higgins, rhythm guitarist Juan Livinalli, bassist Douglas Stewart and a killer drummer, Brake Loose are more than a live Rock&Roll band. They always push the audience to their limits and constantly remind them what makes rock music so powerful. To watch them is an experience, one that is characterised by energy, passion and excitement.

They’ve shared the stage with Dublin's legendary Rock Band Aslan, as well as up-and-coming Irish and UK acts such as Jailbirds and The Black Delta Movement. With their unique sound, lyrics, energetic performances and poetic message, Break Loose is proud to release “Midnight Train”, their first Rock&Roll single out on August 2019.

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