Dublin, County Dublin

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland. Brake Loose is a five-piece psychedelic, blues rock-influenced heavy rock band with a penchant for including spoken word poetry between songs. It’s obvious that the band is motivated by Venezuelan frontman Alex Murillo, who spends a good deal of the show engaging the audience from the lip of the stage in a sort of dazed, self-actualized Jim Morrison type persona, which includes the use of his tambourine and maracas. With Rob Higgins on lead, Jack Liv on rhythm, Eoin Madden on bass and Dan Crowe (Din-Dan) on drums they proceed to lay down a sort of sultry electrifying soundscape with punching moments, galloping tempos that are dripping with groove, influenced as they say by the poems, novels and manuscripts of the Beat Generation and literary figures of 19th and 20th century.

They are always thrilling the audience with their spoken word poetry performances. Pushing them to their limits and reminding them what makes a great live act such a powerful experience to witness.

Making waves both locally and nationwide, this “passionate rock band” as described by Radio Nova,, and Vents Magazine are aiming big in 2020.
They’ve shared the stage with Dublin's legendary Rock band Aslan, as well as up-and-coming Irish and UK acts. With their unique sound, lyrics, energetic performances, and poetic message, Brake Loose is proud to be releasing their third single “Dublin Daze" soon to be announced.

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