Wicklow/Dublin/Sydney, County Dublin

With a father who is an Irish traditional musician and luthier, Bonnie’s house was full of an eclectic mix of instruments while growing up, leading her to pick up the mandolin, guitar and drums. After studying jazz drums in Dublin, Bonnie moved to Sydney in 2012 and started her solo singer/songwriter project – Bonnie first began developing songs in this style while living in a treehouse on a farm near Byron Bay. Though currently based in Sydney, Bonnie regularly returns home to perform and remain part of the Dublin music scene.

Bonnie’s sweet airy voice sails over polyrhythmic loops with imaginative lyrics that tell stories of mice, birds, dinosaurs and video games. Bonnie’s ethereal qualities beguile you into a dreamlike trance in the style of contemporary folk/alternative artists such as Joanna Newsom and Bjork.

“(Bonnie)’s work makes great use of how conventional folk sounds, stylings and instruments can be flipped with a bit of imagination to become the basis for something more daring and scene-setting.” Jim Carroll, Irish Times

“Bonniesongs sound is a beguiling take on the indie-folk genre that makes use of her naturally gentle voice and ethereal music.” The Last Mixed tape

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