Wicklow/Dublin/Sydney, County Wicklow

For a peck of audiences in Australia over the past couple of years, Bonnie Stewart (Ireland) has been one of those subtly transcendent artists. Her lilting vocals float over gentle peaks of acoustic and electronic instruments, layered ethereally into what may be a moderately enchanted loop pedal. Under the spell of thrumming guitar, Stewart renders her arrangements with a fidelity of performance that seems to amplify an almost spectral presence. This is Bonniesongs. She’ll play loudly whilst making you ridiculously aware of silence and then go some way to reminding you how music is at its most basic, mere vibration moving through air, occupying the same molecular space as the incorporeal.
Bonnie’s ethereal qualities beguile you into a dreamlike trance in the style of contemporary folk/alternative artists such as Joanna Newsom and Bjork.

“(Bonnie)’s work makes great use of how conventional folk sounds, stylings and instruments can be flipped with a bit of imagination to become the basis for something more daring and scene-setting.” Jim Carroll, Irish Times

“Bonniesongs sound is a beguiling take on the indie-folk genre that makes use of her naturally gentle voice and ethereal music.” The Last Mixed tape

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