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Blades Club

Surf Rock // Dublin

Contact: [email protected]

Blades Club are:

- Vocals & rhythm guitar - Eric Hurley
- Lead guitar - Stephen Byrne
- Bass guitar - Brendan Davis
- Drums - Stephen D'Arcy

Blades Club started life as an indie band in 2009. Taking inspiration from the guitar movement of the naughties while maintaining their love of rock, the band began writing, recording and gigging. The sound emanating from the four piece was a mix of chugging bass lines, fuzz-heavy solos and melodic, hook-driven vocals.
Home recordings and exciting live performances showcased a band confident in their ability to write catchy rock songs while enjoying every minute of it.

As with most people, bands evolve over time. After three line up changes (all drummers), the band began to reassess their back-catalog. Gigging was put aside while finished songs were deconstructed, old demos were given a new lease of life and most importantly, new songs were written.
With the new songs and new drummer, came new ideas and new influences.
The band began to notice their music was now heading towards a much more summery/surf-rock feel. The rhythm section became tighter, complimenting not only each other but also the overall sound of the band. The guitars (while keeping their fuzz driven solo's) echoed a sound made for the west coast of America or anywhere with sun and surf.

After a mammoth home recording session running from summer 2012 up to winter 2013 Blades Club were now a different entity altogether. What were already a good sounding indie rock band had now transformed into a seriously tight live band with their own sound of surf-rock with simplistic pop melodies.

The band have recently released the track "Battles" as part of the BIMM Dublin songbook volume 3. They are currently writing more songs and incorporating new sounds as part of an exciting new live show.

GoldenPlec- Hardworking Class Hero’s review
The band have a wholesome indie sound, with a reassuringly tight rhythm section and a bright, sharp, spiky lead guitar. Out To Sea is a strong track, with catchy hooks on the lead guitar, and lead singer Hurley reaching all the high notes with apparent ease. JK (GoldenPlec) Faces of 2014
Tight as you like, they race through their thirty minute set – dispensing one cracking guitar pop tune after another. An exhilarating start to the evening. -Phil Udell energetic take on surf rock mixed with classic pop melodies.
Phil Udell

...sunnysideup surf rock with all the bells and whistles. “Out to Sea” is a keeper.
Jim Caroll

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