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Birdwoman is the new Moniker of indie folk pop musician Kellie Marie Reynolds. An experienced and accomplished singer song-writer and guitarist not to mention a rather amusing and charismatic show woman, Kellie has been on the scene in various bands, choirs and collectives for over 10 years. Though she has played most of the countries best music venues, nowhere is Birdwoman more at home, than at a festival. (Attention Bookers!) Here are some of her highlights…….

Electric Picnic 2008/09/10 Body And Soul 2009/11/12 , Clonmel Busking Festval 2013/14 Gig in the garden 2011/12, The Secret Garden Festival 2012/ 2013 , Harolds Cross Festival 2015/16
With an obvious career highlight at 2013s Ginger Convention in Cork
(Whats that? A festival for Gingers? Yes. It's awesome. Look it up)


Birdwoman weaves her universe with a rare breed of carefully crafted lyrical magic and vocal prowess. Her music is RAW. It's honest. It's real. And it doesn't apologise for having feelings. Her debut album "And Then The Day Came” due for release 2018 is a genre bending journey through acoustic folk, ethereal, bluesy ballads and gypsy punk electric guitar sounds. From Apathy to Female Empowerment it is a powerful manifesto. After finishing the album in 2016 she lost her voice for most of 2017. She began making art to compensate for this and to stop herself going mad. Visual storytelling has now become an integral part of Birdwoman as an act and she is currently creating visual and physical art as part of the live show she is currently building.

The title track is out now with the follow up "Big Love' newly released.
The song is a departure from her previous work, as it is the first time she has shown her masterly ability to write a pure love song and well as her ear for a radio friendly melody. The music seamlessly transitions between the primarily acoustic verses and the grand sweeping choruses of strings and synthesisers, created, once again, by Simon Cullen, making the song feel both intimate yet epic. Interspersed are Birdwoman’s trademark splashes of humour, as she tells her love he’s the kind of man who “makes me want to surrender my stilettos” or “stop writing romantic folk songs”. Layered underneath everything are dreamlike soundscapes, tying the whole song nicely together created.

An accompanying video completely created by Birdwoman has been released on Youtube that sees the love story play itself out in a beautifully hand crafted stop-motion collage format. The song is available to buy on Bandcamp, Itunes, Tidal and to listen on Spotify.


Her EP 'Ghosts' (2014)( Kellie Marie Reynolds) produced by Ross Turner ( I am The Cosmos)
and Simon Cullen (Synth Eastwood, Lasertom, Ships) was released to critical acclaim in October 2014.
" contains a fine clatter of ideas and well-worked lyrics....' (Jim Carroll, Irish Times)

....."a great elegance in her note selection; she’s brave about where she lays emphasis, creating a great sense of witchcraft in the song – as if she’s singing straight from the heart of Salem" (Golden Plec )

"She brings a magical flavour to the female folk-pop sound, with distinct charm"
(Golden Plec)

Available on itunes, Spotify and Bandcamp

"and now I see
it's all just a cosmic game
now if you asked me
i'd quite simply tell you
and then the day came"

Birdwoman x

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