Dublin, County Dublin

"Birdwoman" is the re-incarnation of indie folk pop musician Kellie Marie Reynolds.

Her debut album, due for release late 2017, is a concept album inspired by the Anais Nin Quote.....
"And Then The Day Came When The Risk To Remain Tight In A Bud Was More Painful Than The Risk It Took To Blossom"

The album spans the first 30 years of her life as child, a teenager, a woman and an artist struggling with themes of apathy, shame, body image, regret, love and ultimately, self acceptance . The Journey she embarked on when she began creating this album in 2016 has been one of epic proportions. After 6 years struggling with an illness, she eventually had throat surgery in 2017 and lost her ability to sing. She now had an album she could no longer perform and had to take a hiatus from music to regain her voice and re-discover herself as human and as an artist and thus "Birdwoman" was born.

Without performance in her life, she began creating mixed media art work through art journalling and developed a passion and flare for photography and visual art. She is currently creating an art, visual art and multi media show to coincide with her album launch.

Some works in progress for the live show available to view here.....

Her EP 'Ghosts' (Kellie Marie Reynolds) produced by Ross Turner ( I am The Cosmos)
and Simon Cullen (Synth Eastwood, Lasertom, Ships) was released to critical acclaim in October 2014.

" contains a fine clatter of ideas and well-worked lyrics....' (Jim Carroll, Irish Times)

....."a great elegance in her note selection; she’s brave about where she lays emphasis, creating a great sense of witchcraft in the song – as if she’s singing straight from the heart of Salem" (Golden Plec )

"She brings a magical flavour to the female folk-pop sound, with distinct charm"
(Golden Plec)

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