Bennett Vs Matrix

County Dublin

“We’re not gonna lie about us doing something revolutionary. We just wanna make music we enjoy”

Bennett vs Matrix are a dynamic pop-rock band (from Dublin, Ireland), that draw from their many influences such as The Frames, Brand New and The Pixies.

On the back of a successful summer playing festivals such as The Ballinamore Free Fringe Festival, Facefest (Charlivelle Castle), Dubleek Festival (The Original Rudeboys) and "Dog's Trust" Benefit night (PJ Gallagher, Paddy Casey), Bennett vs Matrix’s second offering entitled ‘Moonshine’ (EP) was recorded in collaboration with NDT Productions and Fergal Davis (Muse), having previously worked with distinguished industry professionals such as Richard Dowling (Foo Fighters, Interpol) & Lee Boylan (Fight Like Apes) .

BvM’s members strive to compliment each other’s disparate tastes, while creating a sound that is exclusively theirs. Formed in the summer of 2009, BvM had a clear vision from the start; to craft personally significant songs that are both easy to empathise with and easy to enjoy. Far from being navel-gazers, BvM aim to bring the audience along as willing travel companions on their sonic journey of rock riffs and pop melodies.

Together Lisa Farrell (vocals), Ross Callaghan (vocals & guitar) Manus O’Lorcain (guitar), Brian Loughney (bass) and Martin Cullinan’s (drums) passionate pursuit of honest pop-rock, signifies a band preparing for arrival.

‘Moonshine’ is a clear example of a band doing justice to a genre that is begging to come back to its turn of the century glory. These guys prove they have what it take to lead the charge for a new scene."

- Feargal daly (Editor) "Music Review Unsigned

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