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Beach Boy

Electronica // Skerries, Dublin

Surf addict. Vinyl collector. Synth enthusiast.

Retro synths to be exact. Preferably from the golden era of analogue synthesis - 1982 to 1987. That's the era my beloved Roland Juno 106 hails from. It delivers rich, warm, round analogue sounds to listeners ears. Some things defy age and time. The curves and timbre of a beautiful Taylor acoustic provides the wood and string counterbalance to those wires and circuits. A yang for every ying.

I'm inspired by nature every day. Sea, sand, forests, rivers, mountains, lakes. I've been everywhere, from bubbling volcano craters in the African interior, to the jagged island archipelagoes of the Arctic circle. My vinyl collection also charts landscapes. From little pockets of jazz/hip-hop fusion to crunching new school breakbeat to rare translucent gems. They are all points on the same map.

I am a point on that map too.

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m83, The Field