Dublin, County Dublin

Bayonets is a solo and occasionally collaborative venture created by Co,Kerry musician and songwriter Vinnie Flynn. His style is a mix of alternative rock, indie, blues and folk.

Vinnie is also working with a music publishing company based in the US who are currently pitching one of his tracks to three prime time TV shows.

His new set hints at a beloved dark thread with an interesting twist. Every track hums with a sense of pure originality and haunting intrigue.

Vinnie is earmarked to play at a number of music festivals over the summer and is also busy in the studio recording His debut solo album. His single 'Slow Burning Fire' was released on June 2nd 2017 with Hot press Magazine and has made's song of the day while getting regular radio play on RTE's 2fm. The single is available across all major platforms.

Stuart Clarke - Hot Press
'Slow Burning Fire' is a terrific solo debut from the Kerryman!

Sarina Bellissimo - Spin 1038
'Hauntingly beautiful'

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