Band of Clouds

Waterford, County Waterford

Band of Clouds * Outside Broadcast

The Outside Broadcast LP was produced & arranged by John Haggis, and was inspired and made possible by those who happened to float through the Granny it’s OK Studio in Waterford over the last year; hence the name Band of Clouds.

Players include;

John Haggis // Arcade Ray // Colly // Cosy Richard //
Katie Kim // Deaf Joe // Le Cloosh // Bob // John Murphy //
Carol Cleary // Arkansaw Al // Tuna Tony // Sarah Robot //
Ian Chesticles // Bonnie Burrows // Martini Burns //
Jesse Longnotes // Tommy Butterfly // Master Finn Solomon //

Samples, Loops & Excerpts include;

James Yorkston // two second harmonium loop
WB Yeats // He Wished for the Cloths of Heaven & The Squirrel of Kyle-Na-No
Kathi Appelt // song by the dog from the book 'The Underneath' (read this book)
Lee Ronaldo // Fragments from his book of road poetry
Julie Lomax // Alan Lomax discuses an interview he had done at the beginning if his career.
Juillette Binoche // from Three Colours series

Outside Broadcast was recorded at
Granny it's Ok to Experiment, Hive Studios, 3 Bank Lane, The Mall, Waterford
additional Engineering by
Mick O' Reilly, Eoghan Sinnott & Sarah Grimes
Produced by John Haggis

All Songs by Band of Clouds

Thanks soooooooo much to Conor Nolan and all at the Waterford City Council
and to the poets, musicians & human hearts that made all this possible.

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