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Aztaria 2012

Aztaria was a just twinkle in lead singer-songwriter Sandra Larkin’s eye back in January 2010. Two years’ later, and with a brand new 2nd Lead Guitarist and album underway the band are hitting 2012 with their ever compelling set list and infinite enthusiasm.

The rhythmic engine of the band is fuelled by dynamic drum boy, David Garol, and bella bassist, Arianna Silliprandi. Rockin’ Pawel Rosynski and bluesy Dan O’Shaugnessy add their contrasting, harmonic licks and riffs as the two Aztarian Lead Guitarists. Watch out for their captivating “guitar offs” in 2012 gigs!!! ; )

Sometimes, at very special shows, you may be lucky to witness the multi-talented, singer songwriter, Susan Callaghan providing backing vocals for Aztaria!!! And, if you’re extremely lucky – you may see her take out her guitar and play along as well!!!

Aztaria’s members grew up in various locations, e.g. Italy, Poland, England, Ireland, Wales the U.S. and Ireland, and have very different musical backgrounds (from blues and jazz to rock and pop to classical) which positively adds to the intriguing dynamics within this passionate band.

With an education in various aspects of the music and media industry, the band produces their own songs which can be heard on

In between writing and recording, you can catch the band at live rock performances, on YouTube as the "Aztaria Dolls" or simply social networking on Facebook!

These energetic Aztarians love music as well as creativity, escapism, fun, each other and above all, their fans.

Feel the force, experience the addiction that is ………..Aztaria : ) Xx

Tel: 086 3767104
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