A Weekend Away

Limerick , County Limerick

Frontman- Peader Storey
Lead Guitar- Patrick O’Donnell
Bass- Peter Corbett
Rhythm Guitar- Jacob Woulfe
Drums- Evan Berry

CEOL CAINT- "First up was upcoming local band A Weekend Away who are full of youthful enthusiasm, with no shortage of talent. Their short set was a mixture of original material of which ‘Parseltongue’ is a particularly sweet highlight along with an inspired mashup of ‘Allstar’ and ‘Lose Yourself’ which worked brilliantly. They certainly left a positive impression on me”

A Weekend Away jumped onto the music scene during the Spring of 2013. Initially with 6 members, they were praised for mixing a jaw dropping punk sound with Indie influenced rhythm and lead guitar.

With the assistance of Music Generation Limerick, A Weekend Away thrived for 2 years regularly playing in venues such as Dolan’s pub, Cobblestone Joes and the Limetree Theatre, creating an impressive portfolio of tracks in the process.

Following gigs in Nenagh’s Slapfest and Live at the Pery festival, A Weekend Away began rising up and turning heads within the Limerick music scene. Following an interview on Spin South West, they released their first music video for their impressive single ‘I’d write your name’. Directed by the talented Rachel Mcgill with the help of Fox Jaw’s Shane Serrano.

In the Winter of 2016, pianist Patrick O’Shaughnessy and singer Josh Acosta parted ways with A Weekend Away due to other commitments .

Singer/songwriter, Peader Storey stepped into the scene making A Weekend Away a 5-piece act.

Since then A Weekend Away have thrived with their newly released single ‘Parseltounge’ being praised for its unusual format and catchy chorus.

Following a packed out headline show at the Kasbah Social Club, and winning UL Battle of the Bands 2017, they have been concentrating on recording an EP which is scheduled to be released at the end of March.

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