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Electronica // Derry

Autumns is the solo project of Christian Donaghey, from Derry, Northern Ireland, an outlet for electronic post-punk with a lethal pulse. Following an expansive contribution to the Downwards label compilation ‘The Immortal Eye’ in March of 2017 Autumns adds to an already restless year with his remix of JT Whitfield’s ‘Reclusion Talks’. His highly anticipated debut record, a stunning culmination of the projects uncompromising trajectory in recent years, is due for release in September.

Preceding releases for Clan Destine Records and Downwards have seen the project engaged in a rough trade of transgressive noise, dysfunctional metal dance and DIY punk angst, yet each of these milestones has represented a different proposition. 2016’s ‘A Product of 30 Years of Violence’ saw the project moving into vast glacial spaces after the propulsive industrial discord of 2015’s ‘Das Nichts’ whilst both releases displayed a marked sense of transition from the lurid and engulfed fidelities of the ‘Terrible Tuesday’ Downwards Mini LP the previous year.

Alongside progressive appearances on cult labels the project has developed a notorious live show on the back of support slots for The KVB and a US tour which saw Donaghey share a bill with Lust For Youth in San Francisco. The performance of a desolate live score to David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me’ at the Distorted Perspectives festival, an acclaimed collaboration with renowned techno experimentalist Samuel Kerridge at the 2016 edition of Paris Fashion week and a string of UK & European dates throughout 2017, performing alongside the likes of Beak>, Silent Servant & DVA Damas, have further cemented a reputation for uncompromising spectacle.

After a brace of rough demos and without preliminary hype the project emerged fully formed on Karl O’Connor’s (aka Regis) illustrious label Downwards back in 2014, the youngest act in a new vanguard of artists that included the likes of Tropic of Cancer, DVA Damas and Marshstepper. 2017 sees the eagerly anticipated realization of those assured beginnings, a project free of restraint, in relentless ascendance.

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