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Acoustic // Donegal , Donegal // He/him

Auld is the solo project of Thom Pitts. Although he is the only constant member, collaboration is how this whole thing works and lots of people are involved when it comes the creation of Auld's music.

The latest album 'If I Stay Angry I Can Forget How Sad I Am' is a much more stripped back and folky direction than what Auld had done in before.

Writing the album has been a coping mechanism for grief. Not only the collective grief and hardship we have all been through, but because Thom lost his Mum to cancer during all the madness.

This album was just a taster of what is to come from the new version of Auld.
Auld has another album coming later in the year 'The Wholesome Centre'
It is a concept album about a place where you can go and relived your favourite memories. 'Bring your nostalgia to life' is the tagline!
The Wholesome Centre is going to be a mixture of the new acoustic/ambient style with the more upbeat electronic stuff from Auld's past.

So after a bit of time off from gigging and all the social networking it is time to return to push this thing forward again.
Auld plays solo with a mixture of guitars, samplers and synths. Think 'Grimes' without so much of the dancing, but more crying and swaying.

Auld have spent many years writing and gig in London. Playing great shows at The Moth Club, The union Chapel and The Victoria and lots more.
Auld are now based in Donegal and are hoping to join the exciting and buzzing Irish music scene.

Thanks very much

Thom in 3rd person

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