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Rock // East wall, Dublin

A 4-piece alt-rock band from Dublin with an extensive gigging history beginning in January 2017 on the Main Stage of The Academy, Atticus followed up with another three performances on The Academy Main Stage in March 2017, January and April 2018 as well as in The Academy 2 in December 2017. They performed at the mainstage of Dublin Pride in the summer of 2017, and put on a number of their own gigs at smaller venues, including The Grand Social, and Whelan's, and this past summer they played 2 shows in Derry, one in the Nerve Centre as well as one at Stendhal Festival.
They released our debut EP 'Deadlines' in September 2017, which featured in the 'New rock' playlist on Deezer. The EP now has upwards of 8500 streams on Spotify. This success was followed up with their debut music video for the song 'Sulphur', and their second EP "Coherence", released in October. Their second music video for the single "Shapeshifter" was released on the 9th of November.

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