Atlas Zero

Douglas, County Cork

Atlas Zero is a three piece alternative rock band from cork, Ireland.
The band consists of Lead Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist Dan Stoker, Lead Guitarist Cian Wong and Drummer / Percussionist Mark Kennedy. Dan comes from a musical background and has been building up his own studio for the last 10 years in his home. Cian, who first started out playing piano to a high level before picking up the guitar is also an avid photographer, takes professional quality photographs for the band and looks after most of the image production. Mark, also from a musical background, first started playing the drums and guitar at the age of 10, he went on to get a sound engineering qualification after leaving college to pursue a more music focused career.

The band first formed back in 2013 where they were all introduced to one another through mutual friends. As of early this year (2017) they all decided to pursue the band full time. they are currently in the process of recording their first self produced, self titld EP. The EP is being recorded in Dan’s family home in monkstown in a small 8x10ft room in the house. The goal of this is that they want to emphasise the fact that artists can create and produce professional sounding music without the need for expensive recording studios that can usually hinder artists’ creativity and stall their progress due to financial factors.

Atlas Zero blends atmospheric rock with epic orchestral symphony's and electronic elements. Their approach is to create anthemic, over exaggerated soundscapes yet retaining beauty in their melodies. Calling their genre power punk with a dark twist.

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