Ath Cliath Records

Hip Hop
Donaghmede, County Dublin


Jambo, who was renowned as one of the stand-out emcees in the recent Da Fighting Irish (DFI) League Battle- maintaining an unbeaten record, and rapper/producer Jonnyboy, combine to create one of the freshest and most distinctive Irish hiphop releases to date...."

"the 10 track album showcases a unique sound that sets it apart from its’ contemporaries by incorporating a range of different musical genres; fusing hiphop with house, rock, and traditional Irish folk. The duo have set a high standard, enlisting some of Ireland’s most talented artists to feature on their debut...."

"The themes, word-play and lyrical content displayed throughout are clever, relevant, and easy-to-relate-to. With a variety of subject matters and genres to literally suit any mood, this record has serious replay value. Pushing the boundaries of Irish rap, this innovative release from Ath Cliath Records is a fitting reflection of authentic Irish hip-hop."

"I dont know if its from their obvious talent or Jonnyboys skill mastering and ordering the tracks or a combination of both but they flip from genre to genre easily while still keeping it cohesive as a whole .."

"The tracks take us through a social, a street and a political level but its never done in an “in your face” type of way, instead there is an underlying subliminal feed of these aspects that as a listener you decide what level you want to ingest, if you listen deep then you can feel the social angst and pain created by societies injustice but also the positive that exists in such surroundings and if you just breeze through, you can have a great musical experience with great tracks, twinned with great lyricism that will both lift you and pace you at different stages.

Jonnyboy & Jambo have scrapped two albums previous to this one, a sign of the persistence for perfection in their sound and their search for self contentment in their art. They could have had their first album released twelve months ago but then it wouldnt be the installment that is Dawn Till Dusk. This is an album that you can listen to with anyone and they will appreciate it, even that friend that will only listen to one style of music will appreciate the diversity and boundary pushing brashness of this album....."

A.C.R are Irish hiphop heavyweight and Irish rap battle stand out artist Jambo and Irish producer/emcee Jonnyboy.
Both are from Donaghmede on Dublin's northside.

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