A. Smyth

County Dublin

A. Smyth’s last band, Vann Music, achieved notable success. They played a number of large festivals along with Other Voices, had a radio hit with their single ‘Tina’, and worked with legendary New Order producer Stephen Hague on their final EP.

This led to a kind of modern burnout, which has played a large part in shaping A. Smyth’s current musical chapter.

Drawing on past pressures and current influences from across the water, A. Smyth sits comfortably in the centre of a triangle with The War On Drugs, Bruce Springsteen, and Arcade Fire in each corner.
Each new release develops the theme of ‘sacrificing the past and present in order to carve out some future hope’. ‘Second Moon’ will be his fourth release as A. Smyth, and was recorded with producer Darragh Nolan (Asta Kalapa), drummer Dennis Cassidy (Selk) and bassist Dara Higgins (The Jimmy Cake).

What some folks have said:

2fm have added “Coming Back To You” to their Daytime playlist & their “Sound Of The Nation - Magnificent Seven”

"An artist in control of his own sound. A musician who knows exactly how to portray his work, cast against an intimate palette of welcoming music. (Second Moon) - The Last Mixed Tape

"His own atmospheric folk sound as a solo musician." (Be There) - Nialler9

"This debut track marks him as a force to watch for the future" (Into The Darkness) - JOE.ie

I love this track (A. Smyth - Into the Darkness) - BBC Ulster Across The Line

"Smyth's voice is breath-taking" (Second Moon) - Hotpress.ie

"What makes this single stand out from its peers is the deft dip between pop-rock and darker soundscapes" (Into The Darkness) - REMY thebestofmusicandfilm

“The solo career of A. Smyth is starting to take off.’ - JOE.ie Song Of The Day (Coming Back to You)

“A chap who is kind of killing it in the Irish Pop zone now” (Coming Back to You) - REMY thebestofmusicandfilm

"Smyth's voice is breath-taking" - Hotpress

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