A. Smyth

County Dublin

A. Smyth is Dublin born Singer/Songwriter Aaron Smyth. Mixing Dream-folk with Indie Rock heart, his songs sit somewhere between Bruce Springsteen, War on Drugs and Big Thief.

With his debut record coming in '19 he released his first single "Fever" in January.
Smyth explains “Fever is a song about never giving up on someone you hold dear, or something you believe in. What I believe in is hope, and the human spirit. They're things that can never be destroyed. In today's weird and uncertain times, thinking of that is a huge source of comfort for me.
This song is a guide for our darkest moments, a song that says even if the world feels like it's closing in and the odds seem stacked against us - we'll persevere. And the light will always break-through”.

What some folks have said:

a song-writer in bloom - REMY (Fever)

2fm have added “Coming Back To You” to their Daytime playlist & their “Sound Of The Nation - Magnificent Seven”

"An artist in control of his own sound. A musician who knows exactly how to portray his work, cast against an intimate palette of welcoming music. (Second Moon) - The Last Mixed Tape

"His own atmospheric folk sound as a solo musician." (Be There) - Nialler9

"This debut track marks him as a force to watch for the future" (Into The Darkness) - JOE.ie

I love this track (A. Smyth - Into the Darkness) - BBC Ulster Across The Line

"Smyth's voice is breath-taking" (Second Moon) - Hotpress.ie

"What makes this single stand out from its peers is the deft dip between pop-rock and darker soundscapes" (Into The Darkness) - REMY thebestofmusicandfilm

“The solo career of A. Smyth is starting to take off.’ - JOE.ie Song Of The Day (Coming Back to You)

“A chap who is kind of killing it in the Irish Pop zone now” (Coming Back to You) - REMY thebestofmusicandfilm

"Smyth's voice is breath-taking" - Hotpress

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