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Art of Algebra

Electronica // Easkey, Sligo

Art of Algebra is the musical alias of David Hallinan, an electronic producer from the West of Ireland. The Art of Algebra sound blends a mix of electronica influences and sub-genres including trip-hop, downtempo, ambient and the LA 'Beat Scene'. His output to date includes his 11 track debut LP (2019), his collaboration with Afro-Irish MC Breezy iDeyGoke (2020) and the 'Under a Different' 4 track EP (2020).

As a producer Art of Algebra uses analogue synthesizers and drum machines, acoustic instrumentation, micro-sampling work and experimental sound design to create highly atmospheric compositions that often use irregular time signatures and complex polyrhythmic beats. On the whole the Art of Algebra sound is reminiscent of artists like Boards of Canada, John Hopkins, Massive Attack, Teebs, Rival Consoles and Four Tet.

Art of Algebra’s releases have been accompanied by striking visual imagery and acclaimed music videos, achieved through collaborations with leading Irish and international video directors, production companies and photographers. Directed by Cian McKenna, the video for the track 'Maasai' features Japanese ballerina Hinata Yamagishi performing in a mix of classical and contemporary ballet styles that closely mirror the off-kilter beat and atmospherics of the track itself. The video for ‘Praying on a Gamble’, a collaboration with Afro-Irish MC Breezy iDeyGoke, explored the theme of how Breezy struggled to adapt to social and religious norms in Ireland after arriving from Nigeria as a young Muslim child. Directed by Mark JD Smyth, the video was critically acclaimed upon release and was nominated in the Best Director category at the Kinsale Shark Music Video Awards.

When performing live, Art of Algebra's gigs are accompanied by specially curated motion graphics-based visual projections. This results in a fully immersive and unforgettable audio-visual live experience.

Art of Algebra's near-term plans include touring domestically and planning the release of his second full-length album.

Born and raised in Enniscrone, Art of Algebra is currently temporarily based in the surfing Mecca of Easkey in County Sligo. Beyond playing music, he is a loving husband and son, and will soon be a father.

Upcoming Gigs

3rd September 2021 15:00 SoFFT Nights - Pillow Queens, Roe & Art of Algebra More details
4th September 2021 15:00 SoFFT Nights - Pillow Queens, Roe & Art of Algebra More details