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Alternative // Dublin

ARP is an Indonesian Rock Band originated from Jakarta City. The group consists of Ardika as lead vocal & guitarist, Ivan as rapper and Naufal as drummer. The band formed by Ardika in 2012 named ARP Project. ARP project had a unique concept. It was only had one personnel as songwriter and guitarist. Those positions were filled by Ardika himself and the other positions were filled by additional players. Their first single released on August 2012 titled "Hilang" and air-played in Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) by RRI's radio broadcaster - Fajar Pramana Putra. The song was reaching number one in RRI Indie Chart for 5 months. Before Ardika formed ARP Project, he was the guitarist of 3 bands; POLYCHROMATIC was his first band on High School, the single was air-played on Sunset Island Music Online Radio on the USA and the other band is NEON. But the bands was taking their break because of personnel’s other business. On 2017, Ardika met Ivan and Naufal. They committed to make a new project leaded by Ardika also and the already released their first single named “Ran”

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