Galway, County Galway


Based in Galway City, Ireland - this nice review pretty much sums it up!

"Much like Eno, Arketek are unlikely to appeal to anyone under 25. Something to look forward to then once that landmark is reached as the Galway electronic act have a soft dynamism that makes for perfect coffee-table-free lounge music.

The driving force is one Biggley who used to be part of Halfset (Dot Creek also) and has a back-story dowsed in tragedy that gives the already affecting electro compositions genuine sadness.

‘Tiny Screws For Tiny Hinges’ is simple yet utterly haunting, the title sets the scene and your sensory drift should supply the tarmac for a trip like no other.

Arketek’s debut album can be downloaded for free from his website , just perfect for a Sunday afternoon. KD" -

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