Aria Sail

Antrim, County Antrim

Irish indie music duo Aria Sail, who only started this journey under 2 years ago when they first lifted a guitar and pen in the living room, have now played on stages all over the world.

Living 5 minutes apart but from different sides of the divide, they have brought these histories, differences, influences and cultures crashing together to create songs and poetry in their own unique style.

Their songwriting tells the audience’s story back to them by shining a light on their thoughts, dreams and ideals. Aria Sail have resisted temptations to follow musical trends, instead choosing to set the pace for their unique musical journey and are currently in the middle of writing their debut album which will include already revered anthems ‘Songs We Knew’ and ‘Switching over Sides’ and already cult favourite ‘Wishing Well’.

Playing stages such as Sunflowerfest , Fairple Event and Belfast Guitar Festival, Aria Sail continue to love performing their work but maintain focus on searching for inspiration and making experiences that will feature in their songwriting .

Members are Charlene ( Vocals) and Paul (Guitar)

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