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Pop // Ratoath, Meath

arbutus are an Irish Pop/Electronic duo who quit their jobs and moved
to Canada on separate journeys. Whilst over there they met and formed
the group arbutus. The name originates from the street they lived on in
Vancouver, where they wrote their first songs together. The group
consists of members Dylan Kelly (Lead vocals & Producer) & Josh
Murray (Vocals & Guitar).
arbutus’ music paints a picture of behaviours that they have observed
in modern life in a sometimes satirical way using catchy hooks to get
their message across.
Their new single “Good Location” is the final instalment of their
debut EP. The EP describes the beginning to end of a toxic
relationship that is destined for failure. Good Location describes the
explosive break-up in this relationship where the couple realize they
are only in it because it’s convenient, not because they are in love.
The band’s goal is to show people how important it is to pursue what
you want in life no matter what stage you are at. “People are too
constrained by societal standards and we want them to break out of

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