Bray, County Wicklow

ARACHIDONIC is the super-ego of Bray-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Trevor Albert Ledwidge.

After releasing 'In the Night Garden' under his post-rock alias Leylandii, Trevor decided to exorcise some daemons and incorporate elements of his shadow into a more direct and dramatic musical expression.

On October 31st, 2018… ARACHIDONIC unleashed 'In Flames' his debut EP. Setting out to shake up the primal energy of his beholders with a trinity of sound to rage against the dying of the light.

One year later, the follow-up EP 'Ashes' was released where Trevor used Nietzschean affirmations to inspire an antidote to our turbulent times.

The sound of ARACHIDONIC is a mix of aggressive beats and melodic hooks, with influences from electro and witch house.

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