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Alternative // Wicklow, Wicklow

If you are looking for something that will dot your crotchets and flag your quavers you’ve come to the right place!

For almost a decade Annie Graham has been writing passionately and enthusiastically, refining her song-writing craft, while incorporating stimuli across various genres from pop to classical, to bluegrass, to rock and hip-hop. Her music incorporates influences from artists such as PJ Harvey, Björk and St. Vincent, while still retaining her own distinctive sound supported by some incredibly original and enigmatic characters.

Formerly Aphrodite Lion, Annie produced the albums ‘A Vicarious Christmas’, and ‘Monochrome Bisexual Triathlete’ in 2011 with Recidivist Records in association with Michael Tinsley. In 2013 they released the EP entitled ‘Holden and Jane Holding Hands’ followed by the single ‘Only One’.
‘Monochrome Bisexual Triathlete’ fuses peppy punk-rock with primal beats and some unexpected techno rhythms. Her deep interest in Native American culture and tradition can be seen particularly in her song “The Why Lament”, ( )

Although her music has been labelled as “post-punk” it is of such diversity that it submits to no single genre. Barry Gruff likens her to The Kills in a review of her single ‘Only One’, while her vocals on this “catchy-as-hell” track have been fittingly characterized as “seductive”.

While performing live in venues throughout Wicklow and Dublin sporadically for some years, and though her music has been showcased on East Coast FM and Garden County Radio her talents have remained somewhat a mystery within the music scene. Annie Wølf recently unleashed her new single ‘Accomplice’, in collaboration with Bay Studios, as an online release for iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube on February 27th 2015. Nomoreworkhorse described the track as 'refreshingly raw'.

Annie is not just a songwriter, but a poet and a storyteller lurks amid the sounds and silences of her unconventional, poignant, and frequently zany tunes. The Annie Wølf live performance is sure to be a 360° sensory experience which will reverberate with audiences even after the music has stopped playing.

Recently Annie won first place at the Rí Sessions, a singer song-writer competition hosted by Gavin Ralston during the summer of 2014 with her song ‘Holden and Jane Holding Hands’. She has also been showcased in the Mercantile, Dublin City, as part of the Guinness Amplify, “Faces of 2014” in accordance with On 7th February 2015, she played a set at the Mermaid Arts Theatre in Bray as part of their Mermaid Sounds Series. In March she supported fellow Wicklow band TELL NO FOXX in Crane Lane, Cork.

As well as playing various venues in the past few months in the Dublin and Wicklow area (including The Workman's Club), she most recently played The Secret Garden Festival in Wicklow (June 27th) which also featured the likes of O Emperor and the Eskies.

Upcoming Events:
Whelan's July 21st 2015

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