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All Of Eden

Indie // Galway, Galway

“All Of Eden” are an independent indie duo from the West coast of Ireland comprised of brothers Jake (vocals) and Troy Daniel (guitar, vocals).

Growing up together with Inspirations including Mazzy Star, Joy Division, Talking Heads and LCD Sound-System, All of Eden have crafted their unique sound which hinges itself on simplicity and their unique vocal texture.

They continually experiment with their sound, embracing an ever more genre-bending pop aesthetic on their upcoming work ABIENCE being released in May 2023. This EP will consist of 5 tracks, "Wasting Time", "Back of my mind", "The Weir", "Golden" and "Valentine's Day".

They were recently chosen as "A Local Hero" by Spin Southwest. They are now representing the radio station in the Irish music month song competition being held nationwide and sponsored by Hot Press.